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Table Tennis News

World Champions Relinquish Top Spots

January 3, 2010
Ian Marshall, ITTF Press Release
Ma Long

Ma Long, current number 1
photo by courtesy of the ITTF

Chinaís Wang Hao and Zhang Yining, the winners of the respective Menís and Womenís Singles titles at the H.I.S. World Championships in Yokohama in May 2009 and listed at no.1 on the ITTF World Rankings throughout the past year have relinquished their exalted positions.

On the listings issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Sunday 3rd January 2010, both drop one place to no.2 and both are replaced by youthful compatriots.

Ma Long, 21 years old, moves into the top spot on the menís list; whilst 18 year old Liu Shiwen secures the no.1 position on the womenís rankings.

It is the first time that either player has occupied the prestigious position.


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  • Valuable PongWorld member

    George "Fuzzy" O'Bear

    PW member

    March 9, 2010 (1:25 PM)    |    Like (3)

    Beep, beep. Just the PW Tester coming through.

  • Valuable PongWorld guest

    Barry Meisel

    January 23, 2011 (4:42 AM)    |    Like

    Zhang Yining is the best player of all time winning both the World Championships and the Olympics. Zhang decided to retired from table tennis when she got married.

    Barry Meisel. (Facebook Barry Meisel Table Tennis)

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