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Olympic Rings

Table Tennis at the
2000 Sydney Olympics


Click here for coverage of the 2004 Olympics


Men's Singles
Kong Linghui (CHN) Waldner Jan-Ove (SWE) Liu Guoliang (CHN)
Women's Singles
Wang Nan (CHN) Li Ju (CHN) Chen Jing (TPE)
Men's Doubles
Wang/Yan (CHN) Kong/Liu (CHN) Chila/Gatien (FRA)
Women's Doubles
Li/Wang (CHN) Sun/Yang (CHN) Kim/Ryu (KOR)


Seedings for the Games



Saturday, 9/16 -
Monday, 9/18
Preliminary and Qualifying Matches
Tuesday, 9/19Women's Doubles 2nd Round
Wednesday, 9/20Women's Singles 2nd Round, Men's Doubles 2nd Round, Women's Doubles Quarterfinals
Thursday, 9/21Men's Singles 2nd Round, Women's Singles 3rd Round, Men's Doubles Quarterfinals, Women's Doubles Semifinals
Friday, 9/22Men's Singles 3rd Round, Women's Singles Quarterfinals, Men's Doubles Semifinals, Women's Doubles Bronze and Gold Medal Matches
Saturday, 9/23Men's Singles Quarterfinals, Women's Singles Semifinals, Men's Doubles Bronze and Gold Medal Matches
Sunday, 9/24Men's Singles Semifinals, Women's Singles Bronze and Gold Medal Matches
Monday, 9/25Men's Singles Bronze and Gold Medal Matches