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2001 Fort Collins Open
A non-profit table tennis tournament in Fort Collins, Colorado

Organizers: Jeff Mai, Mike Cody, Johan Alfredeen
Date: March 10, 2001


Tournament results
and action photos.
  Photo of tournament action  

Thank You!

  • Julie Hartman and the City of Fort Collins.
  • Jeff Mai for donating his prize money back to the Senior Center table tennis fund.
  • All the players who made this tournament a success.

EVENTFormatStart TimeFeeAwards (1st,2nd,3rd)
1) Over 55 Singles Modified RR 8:30 AM $7 Prize      Prize     Prize
2) Rec Singles (cancelled) - - - -
3) Open Singles * Modified RR 2:00 PM $10 $100      $50      $25
4) Doubles SingleElim-C 11:00 AM $5/player Trophy Trophy

RR - Round Robin
SingleElim-C - Single Elimination with Consolation draw. Every player is guaranteed a minimum of two matches.
Prize - A prize consisting of table tennis equipment or gift certificate.
* Awards contingent upon 20 entries in the Open event, otherwise a percentage is paid.

WHO - This tournament is open to all players over the age of 18 (participating players do not need to be USATT members). However, each event will be limited to a certain number of players, so register early.

WHERE - Fort Collins Senior Center (1200 Raintree Drive, Fort Collins).

FORMAT - All matches are played best 2/3 games to 21 points with 3-Star 40mm balls that will be provided. USATT rules will be followed. Because no seeding of players will be used, players will be randomly assigned to the draw. Players must sign-in at least 15 minutes before start time. Players who fail to sign-in before the start time may be disqualified.

AWARDS - Awards consisting of money, trophies, or gifts will be awarded to the top 2 or 3 place finishers in each division.