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Table Tennis at VP

We were a group of players who played table tennis at our place of work once in a while. We organized six company tournaments. Turnout was great with around 20-25 people participating in each. There was even a traveling trophy that the winner received, then signed, and kept until he or she lost it to someone else.


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Two teams went to a tournament in Billings, MT on September 2/3, 2000 - read more


Current and Overall Tournament Rankings


The Table Tennis Ladder

VP Tournaments

Tournament 7 - October 2000 Doubles
Tournament 6 - September 2000 Singles
Tournament 5 - August 2000 Doubles
Tournament 4 - July 2000 Singles
Tournament 3 - June 2000 Doubles
Tournament 2 - May 2000 Singles
Tournament 1 - April 2000 Singles

Action photos

Photography courtesy of Rick and Greg. Also look for tournament photos that are posted with each tournament.

A selection of photos